Our company was established in 1992, focusing on the production and sale of men’s and women’s clothing. Our garments meet the most stringent quality, functionality and innovation requirements, and follow the current fashion trends.

The company is based in Velehrad where our wholesale store and retail shop are located.

In the course of the company’s existence, we have acquired a wide range of regular customers and our Veltex JG brand has spread not only throughout the Czech Republic but also abroad. The company opened its first retail unit in 1999 and since then several Veltex brand shops selling women’s and men’s clothes have opened.

Our company regularly participates in the international fashion trade fair “Styl” in Brno – we present our new collections there twice a year. 

Since 2014 we have been distributing apparel by the Italian company SIMAR on the Czech and Slovak markets. SIMAR is a family company that manufactures men’s and women’s winter jackets under the brands of OPD, Golden Line, Fly Charterś, Romeo Gigli, Amazing and Gomma.

„,Our fashion products can’t change the world, but the men and women who wear them can.“

Represented brands